Friday, October 20, 2017

Eaglemoss Binder Modification

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I am a fan of most of Eaglemoss' Star Trek Starship collection.  Although I don't usually talk about them, I love the magazines that come with each of thier models.  They are informative and provide all sorts of insight about the in-universe and the real-world backgrounds of the ships.

If you become a subscriber to the collection, one of the early subscriber gifts is a free binder for you to store your magazines in.

I liked the binders.  They really come in handy for organizing those magazine.  And so, I've continued to buy them to house all of my magazines.  A problem arises though if you have bought into the Eaglemoss shuttle collections.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

EMvTW Extra 04 - USS Aventine NCC-82602 (Vesta class)

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I originally wasn't going to buy this model on principal that I felt like Eaglemoss was stepping out of what was expected of them.  This was after all, a non-canon ship, the the entire series of ships they had done so far were all based on canon designs.  But then I saw pictures of the USS Titan modeland since I was able to order it right from Eaglemoss for a decent price, I bit the bullet and decided to review it.  You can read that review at THIS LINK.

I got VERY lucky and was also able to order the USS Aventine right from Eaglemoss.  At first I thought I was too late and was going to skip buying this model because the prices were REALLY high on eBay.  All of a sudden, it became available again and I quickly bought my copy right from the source.

The Vesta Class ship, of which the USS Aventine is a member of, is categorized as a multi-mission surveillance explorer.  The Aventine was fitted with an experimental Quantum Slipstream drive, as well as held several other secrets.  She eventually was given over to the command of Ezri Dax.  As I stated at the beginning of this article, she is a non-canon vessel, only appearing in several books.

You can read more about the Vesta class of ships at THIS Memory Beta link and more information about the USS Aventine at THIS Memory Beta link.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

EMvTW Special 10: Deep Space Station K-7 (K Class)

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As I stated in my last review, it looked like September and October were nicer to me financially and I was able to add a couple more Eaglemoss ships to my fleet.  This addition to my Eaglemoss vs. The World series is yet another special edition model, however, it is truly special in several ways.  First, it IS NOT a NuTrek vessel.  Second, it IS a space station.  It's been a LONG time since we got a station.  In fact, the only other station that Eaglemoss has produced was Deepspace Nine.  You can read my review of that model by clicking on THIS LINK.

My collection of these ships is super small though, and as you can see, it only consists of the super large Eaglemoss model, and the super small MicroMachines model.  Yeah, I know, exact polar opposites there.

We were introduced to this station in Star Trek: The Original Series and although it was never given an on screen classification, it apparently was given a designation of a K Class Station by Memory Beta.  You can read more about this type of station at this Memory Beta link.  There are also several articles on the station itself, Deep Space Station K-7 and you can read that information at these Memory Alpha and Memory Beta links.

Discovering Star Trek: Discovery? Probably Not.

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And so it came to pass that CBS decided to create a new Star Trek series for the 50th anniversary of the franchise.  And with the coming of this new show, comes new merchandise, and potential new reviews.  Here is my feelings on all of this.

Star Trek: Discovery is the 6th series in the franchise and is set 10 years prior to The Original Series timeline.  Blah... blah... blah...

If you want to read more about it, go check out this Memory Alpha link.  The show can only be seen through CBS' All Access (LINK HERE) website and costs money to watch, unless you are resourceful enough to pirate it.  I don't endorse piracy, but I'll admit that that may be how others are watching it.

Friday, October 13, 2017

EMvTW Special 09: Altamid Swarm Ship

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It looks like September and October were nicer to me financially and I was able to add a couple more Eaglemoss ships to my fleet.  Here is my current collection of the Altamid Swarm Ship that we are introduced to in the Star Trek: Beyond movie.

Eaglemoss vs. Snapco

One of my co-workers was admiring my Eaglemoss model when it came in and he pointed out that the ship looks a little like the Halo Energy Sword.

The way these things ripped through the Enterprise, maybe they are related.  😀

You can read more about this type of ship at these Memory Alpha and Memory Beta links.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

EMvTW Special 08: USS Franklin NX-326 (Franklin Type)

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I am really excited to bring you this next Eaglemoss vs. The World article.  For the first time in a long time, I am actually able to give you a real comparison article.

For this article, we are going to cover The USS Franklin (NX-326).  She was a warp 4 capable vessel that predated the NX Warp 5 ships.  The Franklin was presumed lost and we finally discover her fate in Star Trek: Beyond.  You can read more about this ship at the following Memory Alpha and Memory Beta links.

As I started getting into collecting and wanting to expand my collection, I found a serious lack of  comparative data out there showing the various small scale pre-built and pre-painted ships available to the collector.  And so I set out to provide this information myself and hopefully help someone make a wiser decision in which model to buy.  My collecting preferences is that the model be between 4 to 6 inches which is why I don't include certain manufacturers like HeroClix.  The only reason I show MicroMachine from time to time is because I happen to have obtained the full collection of them years ago and want to show them off.

Here is my current collection:

Hanging: Hallmark. Standing (from left to right): Eaglemoss, Snapco and QMX

Saturday, October 7, 2017

EMvTW Extra 03 - USS Titan NCC-80102 (Luna class)

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My next Eaglemoss vs. The World article is going to focus on a rather unique entry to the Eaglemoss lineup.

The Luna Class starship is a vessel designed for scientific exploration.  You can read more about the Luna Class at this Memory Beta link.  We learned that the USS Titan was being assigned to William Riker during the movie, Star Trek: Nemesis.  There is another mention of the ship in an earlier TNG episode, but I'm going to gloss over that.  If you wish to read more about the USS Titan, you can find all sorts of goodness at these Memory Alpha and Memory Beta links.

I'm going to share one observation of mine.  According to all the reading material, the Luna Class is meant to be a scientific exploration vessel.  Right off the bat, the Eaglemoss model threw me off of that notion due to the overall coloring they went with.  The darker grey they used was in line with all of the Borg Buster fleet that they had produced which were designed for combat.  The recessed bridge and recessed hanger bay was another tactic used in the design of warships.  I know that the "rollbar" is modular and can be swapped out with various pieces, but from my knowledge of the Nebula Class, one of those modules could be a massive torpedo launcher platform.  So I'm not sure if I totally agree that the ship was designed to be a science vessel.  Maybe she was retooled after the Dominion War, much like the Excelsior Class was retooled from being a Battleship to a Science vessel.

Friday, October 6, 2017

EMvTW 81: Xindi Reptilian ship (Contortrix class)

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Next in line for my regular issues of Eaglemoss vs. The World reviews covers the Xindi Reptilian ship, which is also called the Contortrix class by Memoory Beta.

Sleek and aggressive, these ships match thier primary users.  You can read ore about these class of ships by going to these Memory Alpha and Memory Beta links.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

EMvTW 80: Federation Mission Scoutship (Venture Class)

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I have to say, Federation Mission Scoutship is quite a mouthful to say.  The Eaglemoss model of this ship is also quite a handful.  She's large and rather on the weighty side.

EMvTW 79: Stella (Harry Mudd's ship) (Class J)

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Next up for my reviews is a ship called Stella.  That sounds a little like a movie title, LOL.

This is a ship that we are introduced to in The Original Series where it was piloted by none other than Harry Mudd.

Monday, October 2, 2017

EMvTW 78: Aeroshuttle

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AND I'm back!!!  After a 6 month hiatus brought on by some financial constraints, I've managed to save up some money and makes some purchases.

This will be a relatively short review as only Eaglemoss has produced this model in a pre-built and pre-painted format of this size.  This is the second of the "captain's yachts" to be covered by Eaglemoss, the first one being The Cousteau of the USS Enterprise E.  You can read that review at THIS LINK.

This is a first for Eaglemoss in that it is a ship that has never actually appeared on screen.  Actually, that's not entirely accurate as we did catch glimpses of it whenever we saw the underside views of Voyager's saucer section.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

EMvTW Extra 02 - Shuttlecraft Collection Set 2

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I got a pleasant surprise in the mail this last week.  Back in February, I had a little extra cash on me and purchased some new binders for my Eaglemoss magazines and also pre-purchased the second Shuttlecraft collection because it seems to be the cheapest way to get these models.  I completely forgot that I had bought them until the package came.


I think that I will review all four of the models in one big article, just like I did with my first Shuttlecraft Collection article.  You can read that article at THIS LINK.  Unlike that other collection though, it seems that Eaglemoss is the only company to have produced these particular four vehicles in a pre-built and pre-painted format of this scale, so this article won't be quite as long as it's predecessor.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

EMvTW Special 07: Jellyfish

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My last Eaglemoss Vs. The Review for this month is going to focus on Eaglemoss' special release model, The Jellyfish.  We are introduced to this vessel in Star Trek (2009), which I "lovingly call NuTrek.

Eaglemoss has produced this model in thier larger Special Edition size.  Personally, I think it was a waste for them to do this, but apparently, they are being forced to by Paramount, who are being buttholes about licensing.  I want to use a stronger language than butthole to demonstrate how I really feel, but I also have to keep this clean for my reading audience.  So the story is, Paramount will only allow Eaglemoss to produce ships from the new movies as Special Editions, so in several cases, we are forced to wait and then we are "treated" to something that is just plain over the top and wasteful from a design and model perspective.  I've complained about this before, so I will stop my ranting there.

You can read more about The Jellyfish through these links at Memory Alpha and Memory Beta.

Friday, February 17, 2017

EMvTW 77: Romulan Shuttle

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Moving right along and coming out on the other end of this month's reviews, I now bring you the Romulan shuttle as it was seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's episode, "In the Pale Moonlight".

There has never been an official ship classification given to this type of vessel other than "shuttle".  Even in the non-cannon universe, it was never officially named.

You can read more about the Romulan shuttle at these links to Memory Alpha and Memory Beta.

Monday, February 13, 2017

EMvTW 76: Baxial (Drexia Class)

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The next ship we are going to take a look at in my Eaglemoss Vs. The World series is Neelix's ship from Star Trek: Voyager, The Baxial.

To quote Neelix himself, "...I thought she was the ugliest thing I ever saw. But she grew on me. Eventually, I couldn't imagine being without her.".

Although, an official class name was never mentioned in any of the cannon materials, an unofficial class name of Drexia Class was given to this type of freighter.  If you would like to read more about this ship, check out these direct article links on Memory Alpha and Memory Beta.

EMvTW 75: Cousteau (Enterprise-E Captain's Yacht)

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Next up for this month's Eaglemoss vs. The World articles is the Enterprise-E's Captain's Yacht which is named The Cousteau.

This addition to the Eaglemoss collection makes for a nice compliment to thier already released USS Enterprise E, which I reviewed a long time ago.  You can check out that review at THIS LINK.

You can read more about the Cousteau at these direct article links on Memory Alpha and Memory Beta.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

EMvTW 74: Bajoran Raider

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January seemed to be a good month financially for me so it looks like I can bring you some new Eaglemoss vs. The World articles.  I feel a bit rusty though as I haven't written one since November of 2016.  Also, these next five reviews are all of ships that ONLY Eaglemoss have produced at the size that I like to collect, so we won't have anything to compare too, thus leaving us with a bit of a shorter than normal article.

So... let's get this thing started with the first one of the new year, the Bajoran Raider.

You can read more about the Bajoran Raider by clicking on the following links for Memory Alpha and Memory Beta.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Firefly Class - Series 3

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Wow!  Has it really been three months (November 2016) since my last article? I guess so.  I've hinted before that I would need to take a financial hiatus for a bit so, yeah, that was the result.  I managed to scrape up some money for a birthday present to myself, hence this article.

We're going to stray away from Star Trek and take a look at a ship from one of my all time favorite, but short lived TV shows, Firefly.  At least we did get a movie out of it, but it's been a LOOONG time since we've seen anything else.

We are of course talking about the ship called Serenity, a Firefly Class [Series 3] transport from the TV series called "Firefly" and the feature length movie called "Serenity".

When it comes to getting your hands on a pre-built and pre-painted version of this ship, your choices have always been very limited.  I like my models to be a certain size and quite frankly, most available choices are way beyond my pay grade.  I've done some quick searching and besides the two I'm going to share, most other models you can get are anywhere from $350 all the way up to $3000+!!!

As you can from my collection above, I have managed to acquire two variants of this ship as well as printed my own version.

Following is what I like to call the "Gravy Shots" of my articles.  I try to show you a size comparison of everything in my collection to help you make a better decision on your own purchase.

QMX vs. MakerBot vs. Hasbro 

QMX vs. MakerBot vs. Hasbro 

So, without further ado, let's look at the two "affordable" ones available at the time of the writing of this article.



At roughly 1/261 Scale, this model is a bit large (about 9.5 inches long) for my collecting tastes, but at the time, she was the only thing available to me at the right price.

As you can see, she's a big girl.  She's made out of some sort of rubberized plastic but is rather durable.  

Hasbro did a fine job producing this model, however, she is not the most screen accurate.  The rubber/plastic material give her a bit of a softened look in regards to her molded details.

What makes her different than your standard collector models, is the her engine compartment comes off to store your dice.

Another neat feature of this model is that it comes with removable landing gear.  this allow you to show off the model in two different configurations.


Personally, I show mine off without the landing gear and I just store the legs inside the dice compartment.

One last "feature" from this boxed set is that the dice have an "oriental" theme to them which falls nicely in line with the show's background.

We'll talk about pricing a little later in this article.

QMX (Quantum Mechanix)



Quantum Mechanix has produced several models of Serenity.  This one is the smallest and measures in at around 8 inches.  They claim that she is 1:1400 Scale.  She is still sort of large for my collecting tastes, but she displays far better than the Hasbro model as she takes up less space.

The molded and painted details on this thing are downright shiny.  The model has all sorts of little nooks and crannies and QMX did and fantastic job showing them off.

A neat feature of this model is that she comes with removable shuttles.  One is in the docked configuration, while the other is in flight mode.


Yes, these are tiny little shuttles, so be careful not to lose them.

Here you can see the shuttles in the way they are meant to be displayed.


This is the most inexpensive model of Serenity that QMX carries.  We'll talk about the price of this one in a little bit.  The other models they sell range in prices from $350, $3,496, and $7,495 respectively.  That's a lot of credits to hand over.

Also, on a side note, when my model arrived in it's never before opened box, it seems that one of the engine pods and struts broke at some point.  a little super glue fixed the problem, but the model is fragile, so be careful with her.


At this point in my articles, I like to do a quick check on eBay to get some prices of the ships I've shared with you.  I typically will just round up the most inexpensive Buy-It-Now prices (with shipping included in that price) from eBay at the time of this article's writing.

Hasbro = $20
Quantum Mechanix = $100

We now come to the part of my article where I like to give you my opinion of which ship gives you the "best bang for the buck", which is my rough way of telling you which one is the best one to get, for the best price.  To put this in a nutshell, when I write these, I am trying to give my opinion of which model is the best for the least cost.

As shiny as the QMX model is, with all of it's little details, that $100 price tag makes her a bit of an investment for me.  Which means that if you want a model of the Serenity, for a really good price, then I'd recommend the Hasbro Yahtzee set.


Every once in a while, I'll have a little extra stuff to share with you that sort of fits in with my comparison articles.



This is my MakerBot 3D printing of Serenity from "Firefly" and "Serenity".

 I got the STL files from ThingVerse and then ran it through my work's MakerBot printer.  I'm unsure of her scale, but I tried to print her out at 6 inches to keep her in size to the rest of my collection.

As always, I hope you found this article useful and informative.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

So for now, "Live long and prosper!!!"

Additional Links To Photos Of My Collection:
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