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EMvTW Extra 02 - Shuttlecraft Collection Set 2

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I got a pleasant surprise in the mail this last week.  Back in February, I had a little extra cash on me and purchased some new binders for my Eaglemoss magazines and also pre-purchased the second Shuttlecraft collection because it seems to be the cheapest way to get these models.  I completely forgot that I had bought them until the package came.


I think that I will review all four of the models in one big article, just like I did with my first Shuttlecraft Collection article.  You can read that article at THIS LINK.  Unlike that other collection though, it seems that Eaglemoss is the only company to have produced these particular four vehicles in a pre-built and pre-painted format of this scale, so this article won't be quite as long as it's predecessor.

If you have not purchased the first Shuttlecraft Collection, then the first thing you should know about these shuttles is that they are SMALLER than the typical Eaglemoss releases.  BUT, you do end up with four models of shuttles that no one else has produced at this scale.


This time around, the set comes in a very nice box that holds everything in it securely.

Inside you will find the standard Eaglemoss packaging, four Okudagrams, as well as 4 mini magazines.  The only down side to the "magazines"is that they do not mount into the binders like the ones from thier larger scale cousins, and they do not talk about the typical behind-the-scenes stuff that the larger magazine cover.

The stands for the models are much different than other models from Eaglemoss.  They are basically tiny little tables that the shuttle rests on.

An Okudagram  is essentially schematics of each shuttle created by Mike Okuda.  He was famous for his designing these for ship's computer displays.

And so, let's jump into the shuttles and take them for a spin.

SD-103 Type
Executive Shuttle


You can read more about this type of vessel at these Memory Alpha and Memory Beta links.

This shuttle was never given an official classification, hence the "SD-103 Type" name that is used.  Often times, it has just been referred to as the Executive Shuttle.  We first saw this ship in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and then later in Star Trek: Generations.  In-universe, the ship has been around for quite some time.  In the real world, we have actually seen this ship several other times when it was re-purposed and re-modeled to give us an all new type of ship.  The Sydney Class (read more about it at the Memory Alpha link.) was made by turning the model up-side-down and attaching some warp nacelles and a few other greebles.  The model was also used in a Deep Space Nine episode when they once again turned it over, but left on the nacelles.  Unfortunately, Memory Beta seems to want to list the shuttle as a Sydney Class variant.  I disagree with them because the Executive shuttle was a rather small SHUTTLE, containing only one deck, while the USS Jenolan (Sydney Class), was a small passenger liner, containing several decks.  Anyway, enough of my "nerding out".

Normally, when you go with a model this small, details get get a bit sketchy.  Because this is a shuttlecraft though, Eaglemoss has lucked out and is still able to do a lot of sculpting and molding of details

The paint job and decals are really well done as well.  The paint lines up great with the molded details and the decals, although small, are very legible.

The joins and seams of the model are cleverly hidden and blend well into the other details of the ship.

And, as an extra treat, Eaglemoss threw in some of thier clear plastic parts to give as a yellow exhaust port section of the ship.

Shuttlepod (22nd Century)
OTV Type K42


We now jump back in time to the ENT era of Star Trek and now are able to handle the 22nd century shuttlepod.  You can read more about this type of vessel at these Memory Alpha and Memory Beta links.

With Eaglemoss adding this ship to the collection, you can now have a nice display of shuttle next to her mother ship the NX-01 Enterprise.  Incidentally, you can read my review of the NX Class Enterprise by clicking HERE.

As far as the sculpting and molding go, Eaglemoss did another nice job here.

They did a nice job of showing off panel lines and the access doors.  The bottom of the model is a bit plain, but so was the actual ship so I'm not going to deduct points for that.

As for the paint job, I'm on the fence on how I feel.  They did a good job of representing the drab military grey of the ship.  And although they painted the windows, the front canopy just seems a bit sloppy as far as application goes.   I also was not thrilled with the engine exhausts.

The joins and seams are well hidden until you flip the model over.

Unfortunately, the engine cowling just draws your attention to the seams and the whole back end of the bottom of the model just looks wring then.

Although I am happy to now have this type of ship in my collection, it is not as well done as other Eaglemoss models, and given the price of the entire set, that isn't acceptable to me.

And here is a little parting shot of the Shuttlepod leaving the NX Enterprise behind.

Type 7


The next two shuttles of the set come to us from the TNG era.  The first of them is the Type 7 shuttlecraft.  You can read more about this type of vessel at these Memory Alpha and Memory Beta links.

Of all four models, this one is probably my least favorite.  When I look at it, "bulbous white blob" comes to mind.

As far as the sculpt and molding goes, it is a very plain model.  In fact, the details seem a bit soft and too rounded in places.  I get that the shuttle has lots of curves, however, there are places where the details could have been a bit more crisp.

The bottom of the model is just bare and continues to diminish the apeal of the model.

I guess it is the paint job that pretty much ruins it for me.  The overall model is just blindingly white with the huge view screen and red pin-striping trying to break up the monotony.  And when yo look at the back of the model, the paint job for the impulse drive and navigation lights is splotchy.

And as one of my readers pointed out, the word ENTERPRISE is misspelled on the back of the model as well.

The one thing that I do love about this model is the use of the clear red and blue plastics on the nacelles.  They do go a long way in improving the over all looks of the model.

I am going to hold off showing a picture of this mode next to the Enterprise D, however, I will give you this parting shot of the shuttle flying away from her base.

Type 15


The last of the shuttles in this set is also from the TNG era and is called a Type 15 shuttlepod.  You can read more about this type of vessel at these Memory Alpha and Memory Beta links.

Fist off, let's get this out of the way.  My set of shuttles came with a little note stating that Eaglemoss was aware of an error with the registry markings on this model and that they were shipping me a replacement.  I can apparently keep the error as well, so thumbs up to them to them for owning up to this.

When it comes to the sculpting and molding of details on this model, it is way better than it's bigger Type 7 brother.

They squeezed in a lot more detailing that makes the ship a lot better on the eyes.

Maybe it's because of the size, but the painting also stands out more, including some lines on the impulse pods.

EDITOR'S UPDATE (09/2017): 

About two months ago, I finally received my corrected model from Eaglemoss.  This seems like the best spot to talk about it.


There really isn't a difference between the quality of the original and the re-release, except for the correction of the decal.

Soo, let's continue with the review...

Although she is not much of a ship, the model is still nice to look at and I don't have any gripes about this model other than the labeling issue.

And here she is flying away from the Enterprise D as well.

With the additions that the Shuttlecraft Collection 2 bring us, we are now developing quite the Enterprise D layout.

Usually, at this point, I start doing some shopping around for my readers to try to give you price comparisons.  Honestly, the best price you are going to get at this point is directly from Eaglemoss themselves and at the time of the writing of this article, the entire set goes for around $100.

That is a lot of money to shell out for 4 little models.  HOWEVER, as I pointed out in my last Shuttlecraft Collection article, you end up with some unique pre-built and pre-painted models for your collection.  And, even though the price hurts me every time, I'm going to say that I felt it was a worthwhile investment and that I will once again hope for a Volume 3 in this collection.

As always, I hope you found this article useful and informative.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

So for now, "Live long and prosper!!!"

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Type 15 (Bad Decal)
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  1. I always liked the Type 7 on the show, but thought the Type 15 was an obvious budget prop. It’s like something an 11 year old would build out of a refrigerator box. Imagine getting in it and traveling in space in typical Trek style with nary a spacesuit on. No thanks!