Wednesday, November 2, 2016

EMvTW 69: Breen Warship

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Next up for my Eaglemoss vs. The World reviews is the Breen Warship as seen in the battles on Deep Space Nine.

Once again, this will be a relatively short article as Eaglemoss is currently the only manufacturer of a pre-built and pre-painted model of this size.

So, without any further stalling, here is Eaglemoss' version of this ship.


The first thing I thought when I opened u[p the packaging for this model was, "WOW!".

Eaglemoss has packed this model with TONS of little details.  I could spend a very long time looking closely at all the nooks, crannies and protrusions that were sculpted and molded into the plastic and metal parts of the ship.  It is absolutely mesmerizing.

Close-Up View Of Top

The paint job was well executed as well with various colors spread across the entire ship.  The paint scheme compliments the bazaar shapes of the ship and just makes the model stand out on your display case.

Close-Up View Of Bottom

There were no clear plastics used in this model, but in my opinion, they aren't needed on this model.  She can carry herself without them.

The beauty of the design of the Breen warship is that with all of the odd shapes, the joins and seams of the ship are hidden very well and give you the feeling of a very well put together model.

If you do some wise shopping on eBay, you can get this ship from around $21 (shipping included), which is a steal in my opinion.  This is probably one of Eaglemoss best models to date and you would be wise to add one to your collection.

As always, I hope you found this article useful and informative.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

So for now, "Live long and prosper!!!"

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