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EMvTW Special 04 - Klingon D4 class

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[Editor's Note (June 2016): This will mark my second re-write of this article.  Now that I've written over 50 of these Eaglemoss vs. The World articles, I feel like I've developed a certain style and flow to the articles and I wanted to make all of them have that same feel across the series.  Consider this the REFIT version of the original article.]

I typically buy my special edition Eaglemoss ships from a third party vendor rather than Eaglemoss themselves because I've heard horror stories of long waits for your model to eventually get to you.  I've used one particular vendor for the last two years but for some reason, Eaglemoss had been keeping them on hold as well.  I finally jumped ship, canceled the order and bought it off of eBay for a few dollars more.

My JJVerse D-4 Kligon Bird Of Prey collection currently consists of an Eaglemoss and a Hot Wheels model.

Eaglemoss vs. Hot Wheels

I write this particular series of articles to give a good side-by-side comparison of the various pre-built and pre-painted small scale starships available to a collector.  I found that there was a serious lack of material showing what they looked like next to each other thus not giving me a good informed choice on what to buy.  I decided to start providing this information myself since I ended up buying the different manufacturer renditions of the same ship.

So now I present to you what I like to call "the gravy shot", a series of pictures I wished I had seen long ago, and the main reason I started this blog.

Eaglemoss vs. Hot Wheels

Eaglemoss vs. Hot Wheels

Right off the bat, you can see that the Eaglemoss ship dwarfs the Hot Wheels variant.  The other physical difference is that the Hot Wheels ship has movable wings while Eaglemoss' wings are stationary.



The D-4 BOP marks Eaglemoss' 4th special edition ship, and thier third JJverse creation.  Apparently, Paramount has forced EM's hand and they can only produce the JJverse ships as special editions so we are stuck with them for at least once more vessel, the Kelvin.

I continue to be unhappy about them having to do these JJverse ships in such grand scale.  This one clearly could have been done in thier normal size, especially after seeing thier great work with the Romulan  Holo Drone.

The sculpting for the metal and plastic pieces are excellent.  The ship is covered with all sorts of panels and jagged edges.  All the little greebles, like antenna and gun ports add to the final look and were well thought out.  Do be very careful handling the ship though as those greebles seem pretty delicate.  The main engine grill on the back of the model is pretty well done.  I also I did not realize that the engine housing was hollow like that so that made for an interesting surprise when I received mine.

All the detailed molding does a great job of hiding the joins and seams on the model.

Honestly, I am a bit disappointed in regards to the painting of this thing.  I think the paint job on the ship is rather plain and lacking.  I'm not a fan of the gunmetal gray/green that they went with.  I always envisioned the ship to be darker, dirtier and more foreboding.  Sure, they added some paint to a couple of greebles, but overall, it just looks plain, especially when sitting next to my other model of this ship.  The off-orange markings on the top of the ship don't help the cause either.  The underside is even worse when it comes to a lack of painted details and is even missing the orange paint.  They could have done a better job of making this look like a working class ship by doing some weathering.  Even if they had added a little bit of paint to the wingtip weaponry, it would have made a world of difference.

Overall, I was actually kind of disappointed with Eaglemoss on this one.  I think the size is what was the detriment to me liking it.  The bigger size made the lacking paint stand out in more contrast for me.  For the price, they could have afforded a little more paint.  

Hot Wheels


Hot Wheels had done thier own line of Star Trek starships for a little while.  They even did several of the JJverse ships too.  One of  the things I particularly liked about the Hot Wheels ships was that if the vessel had movable parts, like the original Bird Of Prey, then they had a tendency to replicate those movable parts on thier models.

They really outdid themselves with this model.  Not only can the wings swing up and down, but they also rotate to simulate the VTOL abilities of the ship too.

As far as the sculpting goes, they molded lots of good details into the ship and added some good greebles to thier model.

I liked the painting on this model too.  Although the ship doesn't look weathered, the pattern they used on the wings and back and belly of the ship helps keep it from looking as plain as Eaglemoss' model.  It almost looks like they were shooting for a cross between aztecing and the feathered look of future Klingon vessels.


And now, let us do a quick check on eBay to get some prices of the ships I've shared with you.  I typically will just round up the most inexpensive Buy-It-Now prices (with shipping included in that price) from eBay at the time of this article's writing.

Eaglemoss = $50
Hot Wheels = $20

Editor's Note (June 2016): The Hot Wheels model seems to have climbed a slight bit from the time I originally wrote this.  The price I had quoted back then was $11.

We now come to the part of my article where I like to give you my opinion of which ship gives you the "best bang for the buck", which is my rough way of telling you which one is the best one to get, for the best price.  To put this in a nutshell, when I write these, I am trying to give my opinion of which model is the best for the least cost.

The Eaglemoss model was definitely a WOW in my book.  The size was impressive.  Honestly though, if it wasn't an Eaglemoss ship, I probably would not have bought it as the special edition ships tend to run larger than what I like to collect.  It is very detail oriented.  Was it worth the money?  Maybe?  

I base this on the fact that you can get the same type of ship, although slightly smaller, for less money.  This fact makes it an easier decision for me on the recommendation.  I love that Hot Wheels made their ship have the variable geometry wings.  For that alone, I would pay more than $20 for the model.  So it looks like for this particular type of ship, Eaglemoss loses out to the company that made my favorite toy cars when I was a little lad.  I feel very comfortable recommending Hot wheels and think that you would be very happy with this model sitting in your Klingon fleet.

As always, I hope you found this article useful and informative.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to comment.

So for now, "Live long and prosper!!!"

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