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EMvTW 63: SS Antares NCC-501 (Antares Type)

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As I shared in my last Eaglemoss vs. The World article, finances have been tight lately so I fell a bit behind in my collecting of Eaglemoss models.  I did pick up four more this month so I'm happy to present to you the second of four new reviews.

As I started getting into collecting small scale starships and wanting to expand my collection, I found a serious lack of  comparative data out there showing the various small scale pre-built and pre-painted models available to the collector.  And so I set out to provide this information myself and hopefully help someone make a wiser decision in which model to buy.

This article will focus on the Antares Type cargo hauler.

Once again, I find myself with only one manufacturer's rendition of this class of ship to show off so we will just jump right into review mode.

This issue in the Eaglemoss collection marks a bit of an interesting milestone.  Technically it is the first time we are getting a model that appeared in The animated Series.  The one that appears in that show was considered an un-manned drone ship.


The model that Eaglemoss made is based off of the ship that appears in the remastered version of The Original Series and is slightly different in that it has a habitat module and a bridge, however, they are still considered the same type of starship.

This model is a bit smaller in length when compared to other Eaglemoss models, however, this is probably due to the fact that she is a bit taller than the other models and Eaglemoss wanted to keep it scaled down to still fit in the same sized boxes.


Eaglemoss did a great job with the sculpted and molded in details for thier model.  She is not a graceful starship like other ships of the line, but she is a great representation of an older workhorse kind of vessel.

Unlike other Federation ships, there are no clear plastic parts on this model.  But I'm OK with this because they did a good job with painting in details all over the ship.  The paint job isn't perfect though.  There is a light aztecing all over the top part of the ship, but for some reason, the aztecing is only present on the habitat module when you look at the bottom of the model.  One nice little tough is that they painted in some windows for the habitat module.

If you want to get nick-picky though, there are some mistakes, mainly when it comes to small decals.  When you compare the model to the pictures in the magazine, there are some instances where the decals are in the wrong locations, or in some situations, missing altogether.

The ship's blockyness serves the model well and hides the joins and seams very well.

Anytime I review a Starfleet ship, I like to hyper-focus on the deflector dish as it usually gives me a good idea of the level of attention to details that a manufacturer puts into thier models.  Let's face it, this is a very important part of the ship and should be accurately represented.

I have to say, Eaglemoss' approach was simple, yet effective.  For how tiny this thing is, it actually looks pretty good and I have no complaints.

And that is that when it comes to talking about this model.  I got mine on eBay for $25 (shipping included) at the time of my writing this article.   Even with the missing or incorrect decals, it is one of those odd looking ships that no one else has ever produced in a pre-built and pre-painted format which gives you a very unique and well built model for your fleet.

But wait!!!  There's more!!!

Every once in a while, I'll have a little extra stuff to share with you that sort of fits in with my comparison articles.

Eaglemoss' model wasn't the first Antares class in my collection.  Cozmo Heavy Industries actually produces a 1:2500 scale kit that includes the un-manned version as one of the models you can build.

Woden (NCC-325)
Antares Type (Automated)
1:2500 Scale Cozmo Heavy Industries Kit

At 1:2500 scale, this ship is SUPER small.  It was not one of my favorite build either because of this fact.

For giggles, I figured I would show you the size comparison of the two model next to each other.

Cozmo Heavy Industries vs. Eaglemoss

Cozmo Heavy Industries vs. Eaglemoss

I'm not going to go into discussing the C.H.I. model too much though.  It's a nice kit, but for my preferences, I'd rather pay the $25 for one and not have to worry about building it.

As always, I hope you found this article useful and informative.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

So for now, "Live long and prosper!!!"

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