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Harold White Class

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USS Venture (NX-999)
Harold White Class
1:2500 Scale AMT & Bandair Kitbash

This model was a grand little experiment in making a ring ship out of a non-model part.

In Universe Story:

The Venture is purely an experimental ship used by the Starfleet SkunkWorks for testing various Faster Than Light (FTL) travel methodology. Not much is known of her as she is kept under heavy guard and operates under direct secrecy. The engineering section is modular, which allows various drive technologies to be easily swapped in and out. For this reason, if you ever have the chance encounter with her, you will never know what exactly they are testing. and chances are, she will warp away as soon as your ship is detected. And just in case, she can't make a timely escape, she is also armed to the teeth to defend her secrets.

Real Universe Story:

Parts Used: Besides using Tuperware lids for the rings, and the obvious AMT Enterprise saucer section, I used an old left over Bandai Deslock’s Command Cruiser hull (flipped upside-down) from Star Blazers for my primary hull. The Cruiser’s Desslock Cannon Muzzle has become a super heavy duty deflector dish for the ship.

The idea behind building this ship came to me after seeing those concept drawings of NASA’s IXS Enterprise ship.  

I also like the Vulcan warp ring technology and really wanted to buil d a ring ship of my own.  The ship’s classification name comes from Harold White, the guy who drew those concept drawings. And her name is simply a synonym for Enterprise.

Unfortunately, I built this at a time when I was not taking Work In Progress pictures so I can't share a lot about the build process.

HOWEVER, I do remember that this was an evil kitbash.  I made some dumb mistakes, like assembly of some sections before painting. But I'm washing my hands (literally) after the PITA paint job I went through on this.

So here is my big piece of advice for other builders.  AVOID (at all costs), using Tupperware parts for kitbashes. They glue like crud and don't paint well with enamel paints.

I apologize, but the lack of WIP pictures makes this a bit of a short article and that is really all I have to share about this model.  As always, I hope you found this article useful and informative.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

So for now, "Live long and prosper!!!"

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