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EMvTW 35: Klingon Bird of Prey (22nd century)

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[Editor's Note (May 2016): This will mark my second re-write of this article.  Now that I've written over 50 of these Eaglemoss vs. The World articles, I feel like I've developed a certain style and flow to the articles and I wanted to make all of them have that same feel across the series.  Consider this the REFIT version of the original article.]

The second ship from this month's Eaglemoss vs. The World series is the 22nd Century Klingon Bird Of Prey.

Like the Surak class, this ship has only been produced by Eaglemoss as a pre-built and pre-painted model.

As I started getting into collecting and wanting to expand my collection, I found a serious lack of  comparative data out there showing the various small scale pre-built and pre-painted ships available to the collector.  And so I set out to provide this information myself and hopefully help someone make a wiser decision in which model to buy.

I pointed out in my Surak class article, my Eaglemoss vs. The World articles are usually a lot longer, but only having the one ship to look at has a tendency to shorten my comparative articles.



Because of the ship's wingspan, the model is very wide.  This of course means that the overall model is relatively small because Eaglemoss always tries to fit them in the same sized box, month after month.  It probably is one of Eaglemoss smallest models to date, HOWEVER, it is also one of thier most intricate.  It also has LOTS of little greebles, so be extra careful when un-boxing it and mounting it on the stand as they can be easily broken.

The sculpt and molding on this model just simply amazed me.  This is probably due to the exuberant amount of greebles that have been stuck on the model.  This model has all sorts of little tidbits, like exposed pipes and conduits, as well as the plethora of guns and canons just make this ship stand out as a masterpiece.

The painted on details are fantastic.  They did a superb job of giving it a weathered look that really gives that ship that down and dirty look.

Eaglemoss was even able to squeeze in a tiny bit of clear yellow plastics to represent the impulse engines.


At this point in my articles, I like to do a quick check on eBay to get some prices of the ships I've shared with you.  I will continue with the tradition of rounding up the most inexpensive Buy-It-Now prices (with shipping included in that price) from eBay at the time of this article's writing.

Eaglemoss = $25

There really isn't much more for me to say here.  Even though it is relatively small model, I am thinking that it is a great deal for the cost.  You absolutely won't be disappointed with adding this one to your fleet.

As always, I hope you found this article useful and informative.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to comment.

So for now, "Live long and prosper!!!"

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