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EMvTW 34: Vulcan Surak class

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[Editor's Note (May 2016): This will mark my second re-write of this article.  Now that I've written over 50 of these Eaglemoss vs. The World articles, I feel like I've developed a certain style and flow to the articles and I wanted to make all of them have that same feel across the series.  Consider this the REFIT version of the original article.]

It's a new month and it brings with it two new ships from Eaglemoss for my collection.  In this article, I'm going to highlight the Vulcan Surak Class ship.

Since Eaglemoss is the only manufacturer to offer a pre-built and pre-painted model of this ship, I of course only have this one in my collection.

As I started getting into collecting and wanting to expand my collection, I found a serious lack of  comparative data out there showing the various small scale pre-built and pre-painted ships available to the collector.  And so I set out to provide this information myself and hopefully help someone make a wiser decision in which model to buy.

Normally my Eaglemoss vs. The World articles are a lot longer, but alas, only having one manufacturer's ship to look at tends to kill the whole idea behind me writing these articles.



The first thing I have to warn you is, the ship is very snug in it's packaging.  Be very careful when removing it to avoid any breakage.  The stand is nice and snug too and requires some slight forcing to mount it.  Be careful not to snap anything.

The very first thought I had when looking at it and handling it was that it is small.  It is long, but that length means that it has to be scaled down to fit in the box.  And the actual "in universe" ship is supposed to be rather large which usually doesn't translate well when it's scaled down this small.

I have confessed in other articles that I read a couple other people's reviews and thier takes on the Eaglemoss' models.  This allows me to get a feel for whether I missed something or to see if my model has something out of the ordinary.

For the most part, this model gets good reviews although one person made the statement of "it looks like a stick with a ring on it."  I'm thinking that this person reviewed an earlier version of the model because mine looks pretty good.  I say that because some details will undoubtedly be lost when scaling down such a large ship to such a small model.

The sculpting and molding that they were able to accomplish on this little model were actually pretty darned good.  One nice little touch that Eaglemoss decided to throw in is that they even made sure to mold in two shuttle bays on the back of the "neck" that connects the ring to the rest of the ship.

They did choose to use some clear red plastic to help represent the impulse engines.

I think that the painting was equally good too.  They did paint the warp exhausts of the ring, as well as numerous windows around the ship.  They also chose to highlight a couple of panels across the hull with some well placed paint.

Honestly, I think Eaglemoss did a good gob with what they had to work with.  All of the molded and painted details work well together, and in the end, you do end up with a nice model of a ship that no one else has yet produced.


At this point in my articles, I like to do a quick check on eBay to get some prices of the ships I've shared with you.  I will continue with the tradition of rounding up the most inexpensive Buy-It-Now prices (with shipping included in that price) from eBay at the time of this article's writing.

Eaglemoss = $25

This really is a good representation of this ship and well worth the investment to add it to your fleet.

As always, I hope you found this article useful and informative.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to comment.

So for now, "Live long and prosper!!!"

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  1. I was surprised that the ring on this ship wasn't a true circle - at least on my model. Your pictures seem to show this as well. Again, conflicting images on the interweb don't help resolve this issue.

    You are probably already aware, but several ships that are listed here as having no other model have been made by WizKids for the Star Trek: Attack Wing game (Micro Machine-sized).

    1. Hi there!

      I never really took notice of the circle thing until now. That's pretty interesting.

      I've shared this in other commentaries... I never got into the WizKids stuff due to cost and thier small size. For me, what you get for the price is very expensive so I have refrained from collecting them. I try to aim my reviews at recommending the best model for the cheapest price.

  2. I balked at the price tag at first, too, but I'm a Trek gamer as well so I eventually gave in.

    Considering what I was paying for the unpainted FASA miniatures 30 years (gulp) ago, the WizKids price doesn't bother me - especially since I intend to play the game at some point.

    Their quality varies wildly with the Federation ships being a little less and other powers being variously better in general.

    Avoid the Excelsior (oval saucer section!?) and the "Tinyprise" (ridiculously small TOS Enterprise) at all costs!