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EMvTW 31 - Romulan Warbird Valdore

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[Editor's Note (May 2016): This will mark my second re-write of this article.  Now that I've written over 50 of these Eaglemoss vs. The World articles, I feel like I've developed a certain style and flow to the articles and I wanted to make all of them have that same feel across the series.  Consider this the REFIT version of the original article.]

And we will jump right into the second of this month's Eaglemoss vs. The World ships, the Romulan Valdore Class.

This is another one of those ships that only Eaglemoss has produced in a pre-built and pre-painted format.  You can purchase some resin models of this ship, but if you want to take the quick and easy way out for a little less money, then here you go.

We get to see this ship in action doing battle along side a sister ship of the same class, in the movie Star Trek: Nemesis.

As with my Nausicaan fighter review, I'm going to skip over a bunch of stuff that I would normally do for my comparative articles.  I promise that next month we can get back into the normal grind and actually do some comparing.



Eaglemoss really has thier thing down for producing super detailed alien vessel when you get into these later editions.  This ship does not disappoint as it is detailed from top to bottom over every square inch of the model.

The sculpted and molded in details are executed perfectly, especially when you take in to consideration the lower wing assembly of the ship.  I was super impressed with how well they pulled that off.

And the areas of the ship that were not given molded details have benefited from painted on ones.  In fact, even some of the sculpted details were made better with a well placed painting.

The ship is very lightweight and feels like it is very delicate.  The stand is great though and holds the ship firmly so I'm not concerned with it falling and breaking.

I do confess that I read a couple other people's reviews and takes take on the Eaglemoss' models.  This allows me to get a feel for whether I missed something or to see if my model has something out of the ordinary.  I state this now because the next thing I want to talk about seems to have been an anomaly with my model only.  None of the other reviewers that I follow had the same problem.

My ship came with a slightly crooked nacelle which I tried to move and ended up popping it off completely.  this didn't concern me too much though as it was easy to super glue back on in the correct orientation.

Other than this minor issue, I have to say, this month, I was left in awe of a very awesomely done Eaglemoss ship being added to my collection.  This model was a thing of beauty, and left me in awe of how well it was produced and how nice it was to add to my collection.


At this point, I will jump right to the pricing portion of my article.  As usual, I will continue with the tradition of rounding up the most inexpensive Buy-It-Now prices from eBay at the time of this article's writing.

Eaglemoss = $25

Normally, if I was comparing different manufacturers I would now tell you which one I thought was the best buy.  In my opinion, Eaglemoss gives you a double home run with thier ships for this month.  The Valdore is a great ship and a must have for any collector.

I hope you found this article as useful and informative as I did while writing it.  Please feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions below.

And as always, "Live Long And Prosper!"

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