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EMvTW 07 - Klingon K'Tinga Class Battlecruiser

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[Editor's Note: This will mark my second re-write of this article.  Now that I've written over 50 of these Eaglemoss vs. The World articles, I feel like I've developed a certain style and flow to the articles and I wanted to make all of them have that same feel across the series.  Consider this the REFIT version of the original article.]

My seventh installment of "Eaglemoss vs. The World" will be a relatively small and short one as far as comparisons go.  I only have two renditions of this ship in my fleet, Hallmark and Eaglemoss.

Yup, that's it, pretty exciting huh?

Eaglemoss vs. Hallmark

As I started getting into collecting and wanting to expand my collection, I found a serious lack of  comparative data out there showing the various small scale pre-built and pre-painted ships available to the collector.  And so I set out to provide this information myself and hopefully help someone make a wiser decision in which model to buy.

So now I present to you what I like to call "the gravy shot", the one picture I wished I had seen long ago, and the main reason I started this blog.

Eaglemoss vs. Hallmark

Hallmark vs. Eaglemoss

As you can see, the ships are pretty close in size.  Other than that, there are some major differences between the two ships.



Eaglemoss has done a pretty decent job with this model.  The sculpting and molding details in the metal and plastic are great and give the ship that feathered look that gives this class that distinction from her D-7 predecessors.  

I only have two complaints about thier model.  First, the coloring is kind of plain, but from my reading, they were going for the look of The Motion Picture's model.  My other complaint is in regards to the impulse engines.  They just look too darned big and out of proportion.

Other than that though, it's a very nice little model



I always find Hallmark's ornaments a hit or miss each year.  Sometimes they just make either a dumb decision on what ship to produce, or thier attention to details is just plain lacking.  

And then other years, like when they produced this ship in 2009, they hit a home run.  

Although certain parts are slightly out of proportion to the filming model and the rest of the ship, I find that in this case, it makes the ship seem more beefy and intimidating.  The plastic molding is superb and highlight all sorts of little details all over the ship, often surpassing the level of details of Eaglemoss.  They chose to add more color to this ship as well.  The subtle color differences on the panels on the top and bottom of the wings make this ship stand out in a crowd without being overly glaring.  And the tiny Klingon logo and Klingon writing on the top side are a nice touch.  One major difference with the Hallmark ornament is on the bottom.  Where the dome is supposed to be near the rear of the ship, Hallmark chose to paint the Klingon emblem there.

This Hallmark ornament is one of thier later designs that used batteries instead of needing to be plugged into a light string.  When she is lit up, she has an even more intimidating look to her.  After you press the power button, she also fires a volley of three torpedoes from her nose.


And that is all the pictures and comparisons I have to share on this ship at this time.  As for pricing, I will continue with the tradition of rounding up the most inexpensive Buy-It-Now prices (with shipping included) from eBay at the time of this article's writing.

Eaglemoss = $25
Hallmark = $109 (as of February 2016)

Let's wrap this article up by giving my opinion on which ship gives you the best bang for your buck.  That's my crude way of saying, which one is the best buy.

When I first wrote this article back in November of 2014, it a a really tough call as the Hallmark model was only going for $44 back then.  Both manufacturers' models had thier own charms.  But I always base my final call on trying to get you the best model for the least money which meant that Eaglemoss won hands down back then and especially now.  

It's a shame that the Hallmark one seems to have become a rare and popular model as it really is a better one to put on display and that ever climbing price makes it harder and harder for the low budget collector to acquire.  


I've had a lot of fun kitbashing over the years and as a result, have built up quite the stockpile of parts and spare models.  I eventually went on a binge of building D-7 and K'Tinga variants.  Since I had so many to share, and since they technically were not actual K-Tinga ships, I wrote a whole separate article showcasing those kitsbashes.  You can find that article at THIS LINK.

I'd like to apologize that this was such a short overview, but you can only do so much with two ships.  As always, I hope you found this article useful and informative.  Please feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions below.

So for now, "Live Long And Prosper!"

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