Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Star Trek: Enterprise Rant

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In my opinion, Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT) was given the shaft way to soon.  This series had the greatest potential.  They had great opportunities to tell some really cool stories and show us what space exploration was like in the "cowboy" days before Kirk and all the rules that captains had to follow.  This series was based in a time when we as a race were learning what the universe was really like.  And it was a time when we learned from our mistakes.  For the first two seasons, they suffered from what every other sci-fi show suffered from and that was rushing thier stories.  The show had 45 minutes to lead into a great story line, but as will always happen in these situations, you find that they have to rush the solution in the last 5 to 10 minutes of the show. I would like to smack the producers for Season 3 of the show. Their attempt to fix the quick rush solutions by turning the entire season into one long story arc was just plain stupid and was in my opinion the shot to the head that ultimately killed the show.  Season 4 is where this show finally shined and was sadly thier last season.  They got back to telling the grass root stories and did some wonderful tie ins to stories from TOS and beyond.  And they finally got the formula right so that instead of rushing the stories, they did them over 2 or or three episodes which for me was perfectly acceptable.  It's a shame they killed the show at this point.  On a side note, there is a campaign to resurrect the show through NetFlix or ABC directly.  It's called Star Trek Enterprise Season 5 - Netflix Campaign and they are doing it through FaceBook.  If you liked the show, go check it out.  They even have pictures of what the NX-01 would look like as it was do for a major refit.

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