Wednesday, March 19, 2014

About Me and This Blog

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I am a Trekie.  Plain and simple.  Although I love the series and everything about it, I do not dress the part.  I was introduced to Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) as a kid, so yes, I am a child of the 80's.  My mother also introduced me to The Original Series (TOS) crew through the movies.  I will admit that while growing up, I did not get into any of the other series after that.  The TOS TV episodes seemed crappy and fake to me after having seen TNG and the movies.  Deep Space Nine (DS9) lost me after only two episodes as I felt they had deviated away from what Star Trek was about, which was exploration.  While Voyager (VOY) was on I was going through a weird time in my life and just never had the time to watch it, although I did manage to watch the series finale when it aired.  Enterprise (ENT) was really what got me back into the franchise as I had both the time and the interest in stories.

I really like star Trek because it shows what we as a human race are really capable of if we would set aside religious and political bullshit and put our heads together.  Everything tech wise in the show is possible from a scientific point of view.  Medical, computer, star ships, all of these innovations can be achieved one day if we worked together.  As a computer technician, I particularly am fond of the technical side of the show.  And I'm a huge fan of space ships.  Lets face it, the show has tons of those.

Back in 1996, my (now ex) wife got me the Hallmark U.S.S. Voyager tree ornament and that was when the collecting bug bit me.  Every year after that, she would either get me the next one, or I would go buy it myself.  Eventually, I went on eBay and filled in the missing items in the collection so as of now, I have a pretty much complete set of Hallmark starships.  What I mean by that is Hallmark as re-released some ships and I made a conscious decision to not duplicate those items in my collection.

I am not a patient man though.  When I want something, I want it as soon as possible and not have to wait.  Waiting a whole year for the next ship to add to the collection was starting to get on my nerves and I feel that Hallmark has sold out on some of the ships that they release.  I mean, come on, who really wanted a Reman Scorpion fighter when they could have given us the Reman Bird Of Prey that kicked The Enterprise E's ass?  I also wanted to fill in the collection with more ships, but I really like the size that Hallmark had gone with.  And so my search began.  There are actually several alternatives to Hallmarks stuff out there, pretty much all of them are discontinued and only found through internet searches or conventions.

One of the frustrating things that I found while collecting starships was getting a good side by side comparison of the models as well as measurements.  Hence the real reason I'm starting this blog.  As my collection is completed with each new delivery of Eaglemoss ships, I will write up a review of the same ships in my collection made by other companies.  Hopefully, this will help others make a better informed decision by providing them with better information than I had.

So there you go.  I hope you find my reviews enjoyable and informative.  And please feel free to contact me or comment to any of my posts.

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