Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gashapon Explained

It's time for a quick little break from my standard articles as well as refitting all of my older Eaglemoss vs. The World articles to share with you, something that I just recently watched.

One of the companies that I like to highlight in my Eaglemoss vs. The World articles if called Furuta.

My standard text anytime I review a Furuta model is usually some sort of variant of the following:

"I always like to point out for my first time readers that Furuta is a Japanese company that produced a series of gashapon toys.  Gashapon toys are meant to be nothing more than cheap little $6 bubble gum machine prizes.  I like to remind my readers of this fact so that they can take any critical reviews I may make in the spirit it is given.  I am in no way expecting these toys to be on the level of a Hallmark, Eaglemoss or Hot wheels toy."

Recently, I discovered a YouTub channel called Only In Japan where this guy named John Daub shows off Japanese culture.  He actually did a very nice video about Gachapon.  I apparently have my pricing wrong as he points out that the toys usually go for 100 yen and some of the more expensive ones are 500 yen.  Which means they range roughly from $1 to $5.

Here is his description for gashapon:

"Gachapon is toy capsules from coin dispensing machines that are found all over Japan. What's unique is that they don't only have high quality anime figures and other surprises, but they're loved by adults as well as kids! Japanese love the mystery of the what's inside that gachapon capsule.

Gachapon items are collectables. Some have value and many sell out fast. The name "gachapon" is actually an onomonopia - it comes from the sound the machine makes when you turn the handle ("gacha gacha") and the capsule hits the bottom ("pon")."

It's a very informative video and you can watch it here:

As always, I hope you found this article useful and informative.  Please feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions below.

So for now, "Live Long And Prosper!"

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